Gendered bathrooms

I personally never use public bathrooms unless I absolutely have to. I absolutely despise how filthy they are, and would rather hold it in than use one.

However, there are certainly a whole lot of people that have to go to the bathroom, and only have access to a public one. (Otherwise, they obviously wouldn’t exist.) And, not all of these people are cisgender! How shocking! In all seriousness, if you’re reading this blog, you certainly already know about the whole thing about trans people and bathrooms. However, I would like to take this opportunity to remind everybody that non-binary people go to the bathroom too.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I personally go between bigender and male as a genderfluid person, meaning I “lean male,” and as such, I am not too uncomfortable in being in a binary gendered bathroom. (In terms of the gender printed on the door. Many public bathrooms are inherently uncomfortable anyway.) However, the issue of having to fit oneself into male or female every time one wants to go to the bathroom is quite a big issue for a lot of non-binary people! The solution that I suggest every single time is to simply have gender-neutral bathrooms.

Gendered bathrooms don’t only affect trans and/or non-binary people, but they have other effects. Assuming that men and women need to be kept apart in order to presumably not be having sex with each other in a public bathroom or locker room (!) is quite homophobic, because it completely ignores that people of the same gender can do that with each other too. This obviously isn’t a very tangible effect, but it’s still bad.

In addition to this, I have yet to hear a good reason to separate genders in bathrooms! (Aside from urinals, which I have never understood the point of.) Overall, it seems very reasonable to conclude that gender-neutral bathrooms are the way to fix all of these issues, and the others that I didn’t mention, in the future.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions, experiences, feedback, or constructive criticism in the comments. I’m Ari, they/them.

I swear I’m trying to keep some kind of posting schedule. (If you have a suggestion for a post, I’d love to hear it!)

All of this post except for me complaining about bathrooms’ lack of cleanliness also applies to locker rooms.