How to respond to people saying “there are only two genders”

Some a lot of closed-minded people on the internet and in person like to go around saying the false statement that there are supposedly only two genders. If you happen to be interacting with someone while they’re saying this, here’s more or less what you could say to refute them.

You can start off with remind them that gender and sex are quite different. If they refuse to accept this, you can tell them about how gender identity exists, and is not a new concept. If they agree, but say that gender and sex are the same, you could either compromise and conclude that it’s a difference in terminology, or you could show them examples of people using the terms to mean different things.

After that’s been established, you can prove the main statement that there are more than two genders, in a few ways. Firstly, you can say that because there are people that identify as non-binary, their existence disproves the person’s point that there are only binary genders. Secondly, you can talk about how physical sex is quite obviously not binary (tell them to Google “intersex”), and mention how if sex isn’t binary, it doesn’t make sense for gender to be binary. Thirdly, you can mention how there is no reason for a mental construct such as gender to be binary.

The person you’re talking to likely won’t accept a lot of these arguments, but if they do, you can take pride in the fact that you helped another person realize that non-binary genders exist. If they don’t, at least you know that you’re right and they’re just not accepting facts.

I’d love to hear anything you have to say about this post, its subject matter, or anything connected to genderfluidity or non-binary genders in the comments section. I’m Ari and my pronouns are they/them.


Author: Ari

(they/them) I write a blog about genderfluidity.

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