No, “he or she” is not valid

People apparently are getting into quite the debate over whether singular “they” is grammatically correct, despite the fact that oftentimes those against it use it regularly, and that it’s been part of the English language for millennia.

However, the debate over “they” vs. “he or she” has to also include non-binary people. Quite obviously, “he or she” just doesn’t include everybody! I am a strong believer in the power of language, and for that reason I think that this is important. Additionally, many non-binary people, myself included, use “they” as their pronoun. To say that it’s grammatically incorrect makes it impossible to refer to these people correctly.

Overall, not only is singular “they” valid and correct, but “he or she” is clearly invalid.

I apologize for not posting yesterday.

As always, I would love to hear anything you have to say relating to this or any topic connected to genderfluidity in the comments section. You can call me Ari and my pronouns are they/them.


Author: Ari

(they/them) I write a blog about genderfluidity.

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