Why genderfluid’s definition needs to include non-binary genders

It’s great to see genderfluid people represented and included in the media, online dictionaries, etc. However, an issue that I think people need to realize is that genderfluid people don’t only shift between female and male; we can also be other genders.

For example, in most instances, I feel what probably could be described as bigender, but sometimes I feel simply male. (I was AMAB.) I have only felt completely female on a few occasions. (The most notable of these was a couple years ago, when I felt quite female for a while, which led me to believe I was all-out MtF (male to female) trans, which turned out to not be right. Prior to that, I had felt 100% male. Afterwards, I slowly began realizing my gender identity as I know it now.)

I’m certainly not the only genderfluid person that is sometimes binary and sometimes non-binary. (or always non-binary.) If you search on Google, you can see other people who are like that posting online. And, if you read their posts, you’ll notice they’re usually by people confused by the popular, incorrect male-female definition of genderfluid. This is why we need a more inclusive definition of genderfluid.

As always, I would love to hear your constructive criticism, feedback, thoughts, and experiences in the comments section. You can call me Ari, and my pronouns are they/them.


Author: Ari

(they/them) I write a blog about genderfluidity.

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